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Rainforest kangaroos

Today we are taking you to Queensland, Australia to a rainforest. we are at the chambers wildlife area at Lake Echam in the Atherton Tablelands. I'm going to introduce you to a pademelon, NO it's not an irish fruit but a small forest kangaroo. Pademelens browse on the grass in rainforest clearings usually in groups. Pademelons are mainly nocturnal so it's a delight to be able to witness these amazing animals in an open area close to one of the main lodges that John Chambers provides. Why are animals nocturnal? Well why not! We as mammals mainly function by day because as top predators, we have very little to hide from but most Australian mammals are potential meals for something else so it is to their advantage that mammals like Pademelons function under the cover of darkness when many predator birds and reptiles are asleep. Many thanks to Roo Stewart for the questions. To go to John chambers site visit


 2008-11-08  12m