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episode 2: SEASON 2, EP 2 Rabbi Yarden Blumstein (Friendship Circle)

This is Episode 54 of The Best of the Best: Maverick's Guide To Success with Maverick Levy & today he's here to discuss: TBOTB Network & more. Then it's a honor & a privilege to have Rabbi Yardin Blumstein (Friendship Circle) on to discuss: What he does in his day to day, Friendship Circle, mental health in the community & in the youth, the effects of social media, how people can reach out for help, repairing the relationship between adult & children, constructive criticism, changing of roles going foward, person to person interaction & education, connectivity & online presence for teenagers, issues within the youth today, contacting Yarden, what he wish he knew in his early 20's & more. This episode is not to be missed!

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 January 5, 2022  48m