The Soundtracker Podcast will be taking a weekly deep-dive into the era of the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Every episode will cover one soundtrack, as well as examine the film that inspired it. A fun and unpretentious film and music discussion, which will attempt to track the history of the soundtrack, from their early days up through the 90s soundtrack boom, as well as the steady decline that followed. New episodes every Friday.


Bonus: "Season 1" Wrap-Up

Just as the title says, a quick year-end wrap up. In this I talk about the future of the show, what I've learned, and give thanks for the tremendous support I've received since the show's inception. Also below are a few links if anyone wants to throw a few bucks the show's way, as I said I would include in the episode. See you all January 7th with MALLRATS, and have a safe New Year's Eve!


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