Soul Meditation Sessions

Soul Meditation Session's podcast/show mixed by Fredrox and Supported by Phe Minakho. Soul Meditation Sessions is all about unearthing talent and presenting art in the form of house music to the world at large.


Soul Meditation Sessions Vol. 16 Side B Mixed By Phehh Minakho

1- Cuebur - Ghost 2- Da Capo ft. Lee Anne King - Love Someone (Gregory Banks Chants Mix) 3- AfroDrum - Three Spirits (Agenda Mix) 4- Aquatone - All Around 3D 5- Da Capo - Valvet Clouds 6- Stones & Bones ft Marissa Guzman - Light A Spark (Manoo Remix) 7- Enoo Napa ft. Zipho - High In Your Love 8- Enoo Napa - wonderland (Original Mix) 9- Problem Child - Masenya Beat (Original Mix) 10- Problem Child - Drums of Peace (Drummerville Main)


 2016-06-23  58m