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Join two friends, animators, and complete geeks who talk film, TV, cartoons, and video games every two weeks, as they take time to discuss their latest pop culture experiences and hand-pick various titles, series, and topics old and new for in-depth and often funny discussions.


#44: Spider-Man: No Way Home Spoilercast (ft. Patrick Fleury)

We may be late to the party on this one, but there's no way we're skipping a discussion on this movie.  Patrick goes over his personal history with the Spider-Man property, and a deep, spoiler-filled talk of the cultural phenomenon that is the third MCU Spidey film ensues between him and John. From a flip-flopping Sandman to cracking each other's backs to what we can take away from the ending, we cover it all.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE.  John and Patrick have started a separate podcast called Chance of Fleurys, which features more casual conversations on our current pop culture consumption in shorter episodes.  Follow for updates, and download the show today on most of the same platforms as Sketch Watch Play!


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 2022-01-18  56m