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How do scientists uncover phenomena and explain their connections? How do engineers design machines, methods and infrastructure? At omega tau, experts give detailed answers. Over the last ten years, we have produced over 350 episodes in which we dug deeper, until we ran out of questions. Join us on our journey through the world of science and engineering: the closer you look and listen, the more interesting things get.


366 – The Viper Gliding Club

My guest Jens and I have two things in common: we both fly gliders, and we both got to fly in an F-16. Which is why we form the Viper Gliding Club :-) Jens is a Danish journalist and got to fly with the Danish Air Force in one of their F-16Bs. In this episode we compare notes on our experiences, appreciate the commonalities and discuss the differences. Image Credit for the Air-to-Air Foto: @JacekSiminski and @DawidKamizela,


 2021-04-02  1h36m