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Chronicling "Reconstruction" Sites in South Carolina

(Originally broadcast 01/15/16) - National Park Service Director Jonathan B. Jarvis called the Reconstruction Era an “often-ignored or misunderstood period in our rich history” but one that bridges the nation’s Civil War and its civil rights movement. Now, the Park Service has begun chronicling the historic sites in South Carolina that tell the Reconstruction story. Michael Allen, a community partnership specialist with the National Parks Service in Charleston, will be working with groups and communities interested in taking part. He joins Dr. Edgar, along with Dr. Brent Morris, professor of history at USC Beaufort and Director of the NEH Summer Institute “America’s Reconstruction: The Untold Story” to talk about facts and myths of this important period of American history. Classical Stations: Fri, Jun 17, at a special time, 1 pm | News Stations: Fri, Jun 17, 12 pm; Sun, Jun 19, 4 pm


 2016-06-13  51m