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Science Pie is a new independent podcast about physics, history, literature and engineering, exploring one fascinating topic per 15-minute episode. Manufactured in-house by Annika Brockschmidt and Dennis Schulz.


Please laser my library

We, together with Andy Beeby and Richard Gameson, will introduce you into the wonderful world of books! This episode is not about written stories, though. It's about the ink, the paper, the question "How did this get made?". How can we look at the different materials used to manufacture a book when we are not allowed to touch it, let alone take samples? This is part 1, an introduction, which will be followed by at least one more episode - so stay tuned!

Science Pie is Annika Brockschmidt & Dennis Schulz. Patreon here. Facebook here. Twitter here. Music that was used can be found here, the artists were Chris Zabriskie, Kosta T, S-B-J, Sergey Cheremisinov, Franz Schubert and Pierce Murphy.


 2016-07-01  13m