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The Last Dope Intellectual (LDI) is an unapologetically radical Black web show hosted by Dr. Charisse Burden-Stelly and Dr. Layla Brown and produced by Too Black. LDI covers a wide range of topics, including politics, current events, social media discourse, and knowledge production. The show is divided into a variety of segments, from “Shoot the Shit,” which features Dr. CBS and Dr. Brown discussing whatever is top of mind for them, to “History of the Present,” where the hosts discuss a Black radical quote and its relevance to the present, to “What I’m On,” in which the doctors discuss writing or research in progress and the accompanying struggles, issues, and accomplishments. #LDI also features interviews, book reviews, and opportunities for viewers to get advice from Dr. CBS and Dr. Brown. Be sure to tap in!


10 - Not-A-Activist Activism, Haiti's Punchout Breakthrough, and Rearranged Writing

Dr. CBS and Dr. Jared Ball Shoot the Shit about the need for self-criticism and Dr. Ball’s 10-year anniversary show for I Mix What I Like. Class in Session segment with Jorge Banuelos. Interview with Eugene Puryear. Features segments In These Tweets and What I’m On.


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 2021-11-19  1h36m