Explaining to Austin

Trans woman writer Peyton and hunk chef Austin have been friends since third grade. Join along on their friendship as Peyton explains to Austin everything from current events, to culture, to movies. The two hosts also bring you the cutting edge in dumb bits, Communism, poop jokes, and Ted Kaczynski news/info. WARNING: listening to this podcast may make you a top target of the deep state. Follow @E2APodcast on Twitter! https://twitter.com/E2APodcast



episode 14: Episode 14 - Speed Racer (aka John McCain's Kart Racing™)

In a twist on the usual format, Peyton and Austin, fresh off of re-watching 2008s "Speed Racer," explain to YOU why they think it's so great. It's a movie that's basically a live action cartoon, with crazy visuals, John Goodman, ninjas, and even a chimpanzee! Also discussed on today's episode: Veiled Prophets, Andre the Giant defeating racism, and John McCain's secret affliction.


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 2021-06-09  1h1m