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episode 314: Plastic Deg-Ra-Dation with Scott Hansen of Retro-Brite

MEP EP#314: Plastic Deg-Ra-Dation with Scott Hansen of Retro-Brite

Our guest this week is Scott Hansen, Founder of Retro-Brite. Scott holds an B.A. in Finance from the University of South Dakota and Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M.

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  • Scott’s background at NASA
    • Thermal Systems Engineer
  • Retro-Brite
    • Why plastics yellow?
    • Chromophores
    • Reversing the yellowing process
    • Blog posts
      • Into/Summary into plastic yellowing
      • Chromophores
      • Mechanisms of Degradation
      • What Happens In The Plastic?
      • Does Bromine Cause Yellowing?


 2022-02-05  1h3m