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Episode 2:17: XXL MX

0:00 Cold Open
1:46 It's Piney in Here
9:13 MX Linux History
59:41 Thoughts on MX Linux
1:21:31 Housekeeping
1:27:57 App Focus: FreshRSS
1:36:11 Next Time
1:40:56 Stinger

Coming up in this episode

  1. It smells like Pine trees in here...
  2. We have swagbags
  3. The extra large history of MX Linux
  4. Our thoughts on a month of MX
  5. All the news that's picked to print!
  • PinePhone
  • Lots of distro hopping for Leo
MX Linux
  • Leadership: Adrian, Dolphin Oracle, Jerry3904
  • Spokesperson: Dolphin Oracle
  • Site:
  • Base System: Debian Stable
  • Desktop Environment: XFCE, Plasma, Fluxbox
  • File Manager: Thunar, Dolphin
  • Package Manager: dpkg, apt
  • Kernel: 5.10 LTS or 5.14 AHS
  • Display Manager: lightdm, sddm
  • Display Protocol: X11
  • Init System: SysVinit with systemd installed
  • Wikipedia page for MX Linux
  • About MX Linux from the MX Linux website
  • "MX is based on AntiX Core
  • Interview with Warren Woodford of MEPIS
  • Warren's last announcement on MEPIS
  • Jerry3904 notes it in the forum
  • Some MX startup facts
  • Mar 24 2014, MX-14 Symbiosis Released
  • The Blog is launched.
  • MX-17 Horizon is released
  • Some incorrect package dependencies forced an incomplete upgrade
  • MX-18 Continuum released
  • The new website was launched
  • A kernel issue showed up
  • MX-19, Patito Feo was released
  • MX backports the Debian 10 kernel
  • The AHS repo was born
  • The Fluxbox 2.0 beta was ready
  • Starlabs offers MX Linux Preinstalled
  • The MX Workbench is released!
  • No MX20 announcement
  • XFCE 4.16 is available
  • MX-Fluxbox "Ragout" for the Raspberry Pi released
  • MX-21 Wildflower Released
  • The first beta of the Raspberry Pi respin, Ragout2
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App Focus

This episode's app:

  • FreshRSS
Next Time

With us trying out MX Linux for this past month, that means our next show will be topic based. We have a few topics planned for you and all of them will affect you in the Linux User Space.

Our next distro to check out is Slackware Linux

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