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101: Make Your Comeback [transcript]

Nate Dukes is an author, coach, and speaker, but in his early twenties, Nate was a business owner chasing success while dealing with a secret drug and gambling addiction.

After constantly hitting rock bottom, hurting those close to him, stealing a car, and going to jail, Nate went on a journey of change which helped him create his own comeback story.

He soon discovered that there were others just like him who were stuck believing the lie that they'd never be able to change. Through his book "You'll Never Change," onstage speaking and personal coaching, Nate shares what he's learned to help others make their comeback.

Nate opens up about his breakdowns and breakthroughs, so if you've ever doubted if a change is possible, this episode is for you.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the complete Episode:

  1. Nate shares his story of losing everything through his drug and gambling addiction.
  2. Discover his journey of making a choice to change after hitting rock bottom.
  3. Be inspired to make your comeback, going from hopeless to hopeful.

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 2022-02-15  34m