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episode 316: Chunk 2 Chunk Current Returns

MEP EP#316: Chunk 2 Chunk Current Returns
Circuit grounding - How big is too big?

  • Stephen has a new design that is trying something very odd
    • Planes that connect to the star
  • Difference between different grounding techniques
  • 8 layer monster board with multiple power supplies - low noise
  • Parker likes to think of these problems as the extremes of certain examples as a way to think about what happens
    • Take a "star" topography ground for instance
      • Make the trace lengths that connect to the "star" really small
      • Make the star point really "big"
      • This is vias connections direct to a plain
Coilcraft has “Elevated” inductors
  • Parker found this tweet by Lukas Henkel showing coilcraft has inductors that are elevated off the PCB which allows placing parts under the component
  • Coilcraft XAR7030 series
    • Unique off-the-board design provides 1.5 mm clearance for parts to be mounted underneath
    • Magnetically shielded for high density applications
  • Torex Semiconductor has combined switch mode controllers and inductors to build micro DC/DC converters
  • PCB Assembly problems?
    • Should XYRS now have a Z height?
    • This is typically on the CMs to "get it right"
    • Probably best to let your CM know what your doing in this case to reduce confusion


 2022-02-19  56m