Conversations with People Who Hate Me

Dylan Marron explores what happens when online feuders step out from behind the keyboard and get to know the human on the other side of the screen.


episode 38: Cheap Ass Sponsored Ad

When Amanda left a snarky comment in response to a sponsored ad, she assumed she was taking a shot at a gigantic corporate entity who wouldn’t care what she had to say. In reality, it was a small business run by a husband-and-wife team who are trying to make ends meet. Today, they speak to each other for the first time.

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Conversations with People Who Hate Me is part of the TED Audio Collective. Credits: Dylan Marron (creator, producer, host), Vincent Cacchione (audio mixer), Phillip Blackowl (logo designer), Mindy Tucker (logo photographer). Theme song: "These Dark Times" by Caged Animals.


 2022-02-23  42m