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How did your favorite Linux distribution get its start? Join us and find out! Linux User Space is hosted by Leo and Dan, and every two weeks we deep dive into the history of Linux distributions and the things that matter to us. Episodes drop every other Monday.


Episode 2:18: All It Takes Is 15 Minutes

0:00 Cold Open
1:58 A Disk Upgrade (SK Hynix S31)
10:30 Feedback: Hakerdefo
34:19 Leo's DNS Soapbox
44:14 Feedback: Steve M
54:34 Plasma's 15-Minute Bugs
59:54 Linux Has Its Flaws, but...
1:10:43 Housekeeping
1:17:21 App Focus: Nextcloud
1:36:13 Next Time: Slackware
1:39:23 Stinger

Coming up in this episode

  1. Leo stores it away
  2. Feedback safely
  3. Tips for your Slackware
  4. All it takes is 15 minutes...
  5. We have something Awesome for you
  6. Our app is built on clouds.
Banter - Leo's New SSD
  • SK Hynix Gold s31
Feedback items Hackerdefo
  • Use Cloudflare or other DNS services
  • Use DNS over HTTPS in your browser
  • Use system wide advert/malware blocker. Plenty of tools out there but I'll plug a script of mine
  • Zettlr
  • VsCodium
  • Hackerdefo's blog
  • Hackerdefo's projects
Leo switched to Quad9

Some other great tools.

  • PiHole
  • AdGuard
  • DNS Checking can be done with IPVoid
  • Quad9 has a page where you can tell if something is blocked too.
More from Hackerdefo
  • hasn't caught up with 15. You can switch to "current" though. A couple of other resources that are useful related to
  • A blog post about sbopkg, a handy tool
  • Raspberry Pi model comparison. The OG came out in 2012!
  • PiVPN
  • YADM
  • Steve's Blog post
15 Minute Bug Initiative from KDE
  • The bug list
  • Check out Nate Graham's blog pointieststick
There are Linux bugs!
  • Polkit bug last month
  • bug in snapd
  • this bug in Samba
  • Linux gets its security patches faster than any other software
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App Focus


Next Time

We wrap up our thoughts on Slackware

Slackware Linux

Join us in two weeks when we return to the Linux User Space

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 2022-02-28  1h40m