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Bryce Henson is CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp, the world’s fastest-growing fitness boot camp franchise. Having over 10+ years of experience in the fitness industry and owning 2 FBBC locations, his passion is spreading fitness to the world, in addition to mentoring fitness professionals on how to grow their businesses and change more lives in their local communities. Bryce also co-leads FBBC Mastermind Group, an exclusive coaching group for high performing fitness professionals. Bryce Henson was born in Atlanta, Georgia, grew up in Michigan and has spent most of his adult life in California. He is a graduate of Michigan State University and speaks Brazilian Portuguese fluently, having lived in Florianopolis, Brazil. He holds citizenship in the United States and Portugal. He enjoys world travel and is a fitness expert, coach, author, and inspirational leader.


How to Build a Culture Your Clients Love

Within the walls of any successful fitness gym, it's the culture that sets the stage for success. As an owner, it's your responsibility to put the right people in place who carry out the values, mindset, behaviors, and beliefs that inspire clients to keep coming back. The bottom line is that culture will make or break your organization and be your greatest competitive advantage if done right. 

In today's Fitness Franchise Podcast, Bryce Henson speaks with CJ Wehrkamp, a Fit Body Boot Camp franchise owner and CAP Coach (Coaching & Profitability), who helps dozens of franchise owners scale their business. 

CJ gives us his insight into building a winning team that shares your vision, the importance of leading yourself before others, employees versus team members, how to follow up with leads, working with family, and so much more. 

"When you're in the moment, you don't really see the learning lessons you could take from a situation. But what I learned is how you lead yourself, and your team is everything." -CJ Wehrkamp

Here's what you don't want to miss:

2:40 What it takes to build self-confidence and going with your gut
7:12 Lessons learned and how to set your team up for success
8:26 How to differentiate an employee from a team member
10:25 Starting a new location and facing the many unknowns
13:25 Being in the trenches and getting your business off the ground
15:05 The importance of leading yourself before leading others
18:15 Working on the business versus working in the business
20:29 Build a team that genuinely loves showing up every single day
24:30 Being above average and why you should be client-centric
27:00 How to build a team culture that clients love to experience
30:20 The perfect follow up system and increasing client retention 
34:10 Re-engaging leads and levering new programs to add value
37:08 Evolving your marketing strategy and reaching more leads
43:10 Working with family and setting the right expectations
48:15 How to deliver an epic amount of energy for your clients 
53:00 Making decisions and course-correcting along the way
57:07 The importance of vision and the support of your team
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 2022-03-07  1h5m