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MEP EP#319: Work to Automate the Work

MEP EP#319: Work to Automate the Work

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  • KiCad 6 support!
  • PI DAY Contest
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Testing Ratchet Wrenches
  • Wrench qualifications
    • Ratcheting Wrench
    • Non-Reversible
    • Zero-degree offset
    • ½” hex
    • 12 or 6 point
  • Have collected 20 ratchet wrenches so far
  • Why? Broke one and wanted to try out all the different styles and brands before buying a set
  • What are we testing?
    • Thickness of the wrench
    • How does it feel?
    • Max torque to either failure or cam out
    • Any other tests?
      • Thickness to torque rating
      • How much mechanism play
      • Measure ratchet dimension
  • How?
    • Quick tests show I need more than 100ftlbs but less than 250ftlbs of bolt torque
    • Load cells to measure the clamping force between 2 plates
    • Need a “screw” drive to handle the force
    • A normal ½” bolt is usually 5/16-18” which handles ~30ftlbs before pulling the threads
    • Two Paths
      • Take a ¾” bolt and machine the head into a hex
      • Take a ½” allen socket with a ¾” square drive and attach that to a bolt
Automate the Boring Stuff
  • Spending 20 hours to save 1 - the engineers life
  • Making API calls with the requests library
  • Requests: HTTP for Humans
  • Openpyxl for creating excel
  • Commenting code
  • Automate the Boring Stuff


 2022-03-12  1h3m