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Weekend Review! Xavi’s Barcelona dismantle Real Madrid in El Clásico, Tammy Abraham shines for Roma, PSG have checked out, and much more

It’s weekend review time! On this episode, Taylor, Ryan, Graham, and Joe look back at the action from this past weekend. In the first segment, we dissect Barcelona’s 4-0 win over Real Madrid in El Clásico. Is Xavi leading Barca into a new era? And what went wrong for Real Madrid? We talk about both of those things. In the second segment, we chat about Roma’s 4-0 win over Lazio. Is Jose Mourinho’s team…good? We talk about that too.

Finally in segment three, we discuss the weekend’s FA Cup and Premier League matches, the Bundesliga, big stories from around MLS, and fire. Lots of fire.

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 2022-03-21  1h5m