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Join two friends, animators, and complete geeks who talk film, TV, cartoons, and video games every two weeks, as they take time to discuss their latest pop culture experiences and hand-pick various titles, series, and topics old and new for in-depth and often funny discussions.


#46-A: Astro Boy 2003/Dragon's Heaven (ft. Ben Reynolds)

Fellow animator and friend of the show Ben Reynolds comes back on to talk with John about cartoons - and keeping in tradition with previous appearances, we're talking niche anime, with a big emphasis on retro.  We talk the cool but brief 80s OVA Dragon's Heaven, from its unique art style and bizarre opening to the wild world of anime in the heyday of VHS, and then venture into the recently fansubbed 2003 reboot of the iconic Astro Boy, discussing its amazing visuals, surprisingly thoughtful writing, and the numerous reasons why it came and went in the States compared to other countries.

Next time: Arcane

0:00 Introductions
8:57 Listener email
14:49 Dragon's Heaven (Spoilers)
29:47 Astro Boy 2003 Subbed (Minor spoilers)


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 2022-04-08  57m