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Episodes from true crime and missing person cases to the unexplored depths of our oceans and solar system. Alien life, UFO reports, paranormal tales, horror stories and mysteries. We cover it all. It's the same mind opening content we've become known for on YouTube. So what are you waiting for? Hit those lights, sit back and enjoy.


Disturbing REAL Life Horror Stories That Will Give You Insomnia...


Real horror stories are happening every day even if we don’t always hear about them, Murders, Disappearances, Devil Worshipping and Torture aren’t made up by fiction writers they are inspired by real-life events, some so horrific that they are difficult to comprehend.

In this video, we look at a variety of real-life horror situations, from a Vampire Killer to an unnecessarily drawn-out death at the hands of medics...

Episode narrated by Top5s
Music by CO.AG


Our episodes deal with serious and often distressing cases involving serial killers. Listener discretion is advised.

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 2021-08-09  24m