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Vince Carter + Mt Rushmore Of Stadium Foods

We've caught World Cup Fever and Messi fired his Coach. Don't count out the Germans and surprise surprise the Russians may be doping. (2:38-11:10) Mt Rushmore of food/beverage at a stadium. (11:11-19:45) Who's back of the week including cleaniness because Big Cat finally cleaned his pile, sort of. (19:46-29:52) Vince Carter joins the show to talk about his career in the NBA, dunking his balls on French guys, Vinsanity, and who is his GOAT (31:42-1:00:22). Segments include Talking Tennis (1:04:21-1:05:22), Spinzone for Blake Bortles (1:05:23-1:07:07), Protect the Shield (1:07:08-1:09:06), and an update on Mike Greenberg's dumb rules, someone actually tried PFT's crazy no catcher idea in a game. (1:09:07-1:11:27)


 2018-06-25  1h13m