Celtics Strong Podcast

A new podcast that journeys through Boston Celtics history and lore working backwards from the present. Each episode highlights Celtics Strong moments and players as the hosts go back in time through every Celtics era- the good, the bad, and everything in between. A partnership between celticsstrong.com and Connectd Podcasts!



F the Nets, Historic Finish, and All the Hyperbole with Justin & Cory

Steve is on one and the rest of the guys jump onboard with the hot takes! From bold predictions to overdue reckonings this episode goes hard. Friend of the pod Justin returns with longtime pal Cory and all 4 of these diehard Celtics fans get rowdy in anticipation of the postseason and beyond.

Let's go Cs!!! Banner number 18 awaits!

Thanks as always to celticsstrong.com

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 2022-04-17  53m