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episode 71: Hello to Spotify's new curation and moderation policies. Goodbye to Spotify's Greenroom creator fund and Facebook's podcasts.



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1. Spotify Selling Vapourware Again!?

  • In June 2021, Spotify announced the Spotify Greenroom Creator Fund for US creators to “support and reward creators for the communities they build and the experiences they create”, as part of the launch of Spotify Greenroom. However, the fund never launched; and yesterday, Spotify emailed applicants, admitting that the program had been cancelled.

2. Gaming the Spotify Algorithm?

  • There’s a new global #1 - the Brazilian artist Anitta’s Envolver. How did Anitta do it? By apparently asking her fans to game the Spotify algorithms  - https://charts.spotify.com

3.  Spotify Moderation ?

  • Spotify has quietly rolled-out a new misinformation policy that says it may hide shows, or in their words “restrict content’s discoverability”. NiemanLab has discovered the company’s new rules, which Spotify have yet to announce: and nor have they added them to their public Platform Rules page.

  • The Brookings Institution has written a new document that highlights current platform policies, describes how Spotify and Apple allow listeners to report shows, and suggests areas that policy-makers might focus on.

4.  Spotify Curation?

  • How do the Spotify team decide which podcasts to promote? Spotify for Podcasters describes what you can do to be considered.

  • Higher Ground, Barack and Michelle Obama’s production company, is to leave Spotify, says Ashley Carman at Bloomberg

5. Goodbye Facebook Podcasts?

  • A year after it announced podcasts in its app and other audio tools, Facebook’s interest in podcasting is waning, according to Bloomberg’s Ashley Carman.

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 2022-04-21  59m