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episode 17: S02E17: Reketta Peterson - Revolutionizing healthcare practice for minorities... all the way from Alaska~

When most of us think of exceptional thought leaders driving an agenda of inclusiveness and trying to force the medical establishment to be better, do better, and treat better - especially those who come from minority groups we don't usually picture a fierce Black woman, who is a health practitioner in Alaska.  Heck, most of us probably didn't realize there ARE Black women in Alaska (with right around 3% of the Alaskan population being Black there is a reason for that).  Yet, there she is.  Reketta Peterson and her practice, Arise Counselling is helping Alaskan citizens stay "Boo'd Up" - building connections and helping people maintain social networks in a time that we're all struggling to remember how to engage with others. 

As a BIPOC Health Equity Consultant Reketta does something just as important, at a systemic level.  Here's how she describes it:

At the root of poor quality services lies subtle and often overlooked discriminatory practices stemming from Medical Racism, Gender bias, and Weight Discrimination.

As your consultant, I take the time to look at your organization’s specific needs for success in order to curate an experience that positively impacts staff and clients.

As a note to listeners, in this episode Michele and Reketta talk about some deeply personal and potentially triggering topics including post partum depression, and SIDS. While they bring it to a healthy place we want people to be warned about it.

If you want to reach out or learn more about Reketta, here's how to find her:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/reketta-petersonlpc/

Arise Website: https://www.arisecounselingllc.com/

Schedule with Her: https://calendly.com/rspconsultingllc

Psychology Today: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/arise-counseling-llc-fairbanks-ak/843956

BIPOC Health Equity Consultant: https://www.rspconsultingllc.com/

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 2022-04-25  49m