The Bright Side of Life (Mental Health, Self Care)

Mental Health and self-care are so important. Depression, anxiety, loneliness, and stress are all things we are dealing with on a daily basis. Join us as we navigate and discuss people's successful journeys back to joy and happiness despite some of these challenges. Get tools and hear people's advice on everyday worry, self-doubt, self-worth by hearing their comeback stories. We want you to know that you're not alone in your struggle. That your mental health is worth caring for. You deserve self-care just like anyone else. We will also cover topics such as: Mental Health Self Care Plan. How to take care of your mental health. How self care can reduce stress. Where to start with self care. What is self care? Why self care is important for Mental Health. Why self care matters. Healing trauma. Healing childhood trauma. Why mental health matters.Where to get Mental Health help. Grief and loss. Grief and loss support. What forms of therapy is there? Mental Health issues. Mental Health Stigma


How we can dim the stigma around Mental Health.


Mental Health Awareness month is in May and the #DimTheStigma campaign is our mission to dim the stigma and create hope for those affected by mental illness. Through hopeful words and actions, we can shift the hurdles for those living with mental health conditions. Together, we can be examples of acceptance, compassion, and understanding. In this episode I discuss the stigma around mental health, ways in can be harmful, and how we can dim the stigma around mental health.

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 2022-04-26  32m