The Unmade Podcast

Tim and Brady discuss ideas for podcasts that they will never make.


110: Grunt of Approval

Tim and Brady discuss isolation, re-visiting entrance songs, 'bent' workers, Aussie spoons, the martian moon Phobos, and ordinary people. Go to Storyblocks for stock video, pictures and audio at - Go to Backblaze for all your online backup needs - there's a 15-day free trial - Support us on Patreon - Join the discussion of this episode on our subreddit - Catch the podcast on YouTube where we often include accompanying videos and pictures - USEFUL LINKS Entrance Song episode - Smooth Operator by Sade - Tim's hand-written list as a bonus pic for Stakeholders - Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder - Dreams by the Cranberries - Jurassic Park theme - Longleat Safari Park - Line of Duty - Bent Coppers - Pictures of Spoon of the Week - There are some nice Phobos pics and a videos in the YouTube version of this episode - Phobos - Mediocre and unsuccessful people - Baby corn -


 2022-04-27  1h0m