Good Seats Still Available

“Good Seats Still Available” is a curious little podcast devoted to the exploration of what used-to-be in professional sports. Each week, host Tim Hanlon interviews former players, owners, broadcasters, beat reporters, and surprisingly famous "super fans" of teams and leagues that have come and gone - in an attempt to unearth some of the most wild and woolly moments in (often forgotten) sports history.


episode 259: Howard Baldwin Returns!

Hollywood film producer (Ray; The Game of Their Lives; Sudden Death) and original New England/Hartford Whalers founder/owner Howard Baldwin (Slim and None: My Wild Ride from the WHA to the NHL and All the Way to Hollywood) returns after a three-year absence to help fill in some of the gaps left over from Episode 100, and to dish on "new" territory from his hard-to-believe career, including:

  • The contagious indefatigable spirit of WHA founder Dennis Murphy
  • Who really paid for Bobby Hull's headline-grabbing contract (and who didn't)
  • How Houston and Cincinnati went from being "in" the June 1978 WHA-NHL "merger," to being "out" of the senior league's "expansion" a year later
  • The early 1990s saga of the HC CSKA Moscow "Red Army" team (aka the "Russian Penguins")
  • Why the way to San Jose stopped first in Pittsburgh and then Minnesota; AND
  • The World Football League's (almost) "Boston Bulls"


 2022-05-02  1h27m