The Official Eurovision Song Contest Podcast

Good evening Europe...and good morning Australia! 40 countries will compete at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022... but who will win? This official podcast will take you behind the scenes in the run-up to the event in Turin and will offer exclusive backstage access. We'll be hearing from this year's contestants, the people putting on the show and speaking to some Eurovision legends. Join music reporter and presenter Steve Holden as he guides you through this year's Contest. See for privacy and opt-out information.


episode 8: Episode 8 - Heels On The Treadmill

As we get a first glimpse of the Big 5, host Steve Holden catches up with Spain's Chanel.

He also chats to Serbia's Konstrakta, Malta's Emma Muscat and Israel's Michael Ben David.

Rob Lilley also hangs out with Georgia's Circus Mircus and Denmark's Reddi as Samya Hafsaoui gives her view from the Eurovision stage.

The Contest's walking encyclopedia - Sam Ross - also has more brilliant, geeky trivia.

Find Steve Holden (@steve_holden_ldn), Samya Hafsaoui (@samyahafsaoui), Rob Lilley (@rslilley) and Sam Ross (@samross125) on Instagram.

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 2022-05-06  39m