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episode 6: Luna Skye: Talks Sh*t About All Things

Luna Skye may be the coolest girl you may never meet, but Bunnie has her in the studio this week and she's ready to dish it up and spill all the details about her personal life. Luna talks with Bunnie about escorting vs. making adult videos, the back massage she would like to forget, and when she knew she made it in the industry. Luna also talks about her OnlyFans which is blowing up, and gives her advice for getting out of a toxic relationship. 

Bunnie: www.dumbblondeunrated.com

Luna: Twitter | OnlyFans | Instagram 

"My personal opinion is that I don't give a f*ck"  - Luna    "Just because we are in sex work, doesn't mean we don't have self respect." - Bunnie


 2021-06-23  37m