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episode 25: Juelz Makes Bunnie Get a Chubby

Bunnie welcomes blonde bombshell and porn star Juelz Ventura on the show this week! Juelz talks about how she got into the porn industry, the weirdest set she has worked on, and some gross co-stars she would like to forget. The gals also talk mommy issues, orgasms, and then stuff their mouths with the funniest (and somehow sexiest) game of Chubby Bunny. 



  • Juelz started out laughing at the mom bushes in the 1980’s porn, while Bunnie’s dad kept an issue of Playboy in the bathroom at all times. 
  • An open marriage of sorts led Juelz to make her first sex video in 2008, and from uploading got her interest from an agency in Florida. 
  • Juelz has had many awesome experience and co-stars but yes, there have been some older gross dudes that have smelled like cigarettes and disgusted her. 
  • Juelz is taking a break from dating now, but she’s not done forever fellas, so just be patient. 
  • Maybe Bunnie can prep for anal sex the way Juelz does, with some Kanye West and a couple of deep breaths. 
  • The weirdest set Juelz worked on was a parody of Avatar and included a bunch of dudes with everything but their junk painted blue. 
  • If you send Bunnie a butthole picture, just know it’s going out to a group text sooner rather than later. 



  • “Daddy issue girls end up being slutty and mommy issue girls end up being bitches.” 
  • “I could never date anyone that’s doing the shit that I do.” 
  • “There’s nothing more relaxing than Kanye and anal douching” 




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 November 20, 2019  22m