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episode 26: Stefani Somers Takes The Hot Seat

The multi-talented and gorgeous Stefani Somers takes a hot seat with Bunnie this week. Stefani talks about how she got started in acting and began performing in Shakespeare plays, and why the uke is currently her instrument of choice. Then, things heat up and she answers rapid-fire questions on what it’s like living and building an online empire with her sister Laci Kay, her love life, Instagram fame, and why you may find her dressed like a French Maid. 



  • Stefani is an actress, musician, social media personality, and as Bunnie discovers — even hotter in person than on the ‘gram. 
  • Stefani studied at Southern Oregon University and took part in the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Her love of the performing arts stems from her musical family, where dancing, acting, and singing were always encouraged and welcomed. 
  • If you want to be serenaded by the uke and a beautiful voice, Stefani is your gal. 
  • Stefani and her sister Laci Kay are best friends and taking over LA building their digital media empire together. 
  • Three words that Stefani would describe herself as: kind, passionate, and loving. Bunnie would agree. 
  • Stefani is teaching herself both the Spanish and French language, so that French Maid lingerie she loves so much may come in handy soon. 
  • What’s the hottest thing Stefani has had in her mouth? You’ll have to listen and find out. 



  • “Being able to cry on cue would come in handy.” — B
  • “Nothing like a good hot penis on a cold day.” — B 
  • “Why am I waiting for someone to sweep me off my feet when I can learn to speak French to myself?” — S 



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 November 27, 2019  21m