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episode 20: Sugar Daddies, Types of Porn, and Having Sex on Family Vacations

The fierce and lovely Mrs. FeFe King joins Bunnie this week to answer some of your questions, share what’s new with her and just have a good time. Bunnie and FeFe talk about internet trollls, DM etiquette with other people’s husbands, their biggest crushes, what they watch on porn, making your Sugar Daddy work for you, and how to get away with great sex on family vacations.


● FeFe and Bunnie instantly clicked as ride or die friends, and realized that even though they may look different, they are kindred spirits with a ton of the same values.

● Bunnie loves FeFe’s loyalty and heart (such a Leo!) and FeFe appreciates Bunnie’s determination and that there is no stopping her once she sets her mind on something.

● Hey internet trolls - stop being a troll! Go make yourself happy in life and quit posting negative comments on people putting themselves out there. When you feel good about yourself, you don’t comment mean things to someone else.

● While we are on the internet rules, ladies, don’t DM your homie’s husbands and blow up their inbox. It makes you look creepy, and it’s disrespectful and weird.

● Also, if you are an adult dude commenting on a child’s (yes, even 11 is a child) page or messaging them, stop. Aunt FeFe will come and go crazy on you.

● If you have a sugar daddy, use it to benefit yourself and as a stepping stone in your own career. Don’t waste it on luxury items or expensive trips - those can come when you made it on your own.

● While FeFe used to crush on the New Kids on the Block, Bunnie has a thing for funny dudes. She loved Rob Schneider, Drew Carey and John Candy.

● Addiction can be tough and a dark place, but work with your doctor and figure out a plan to get clean.

● FeFe has never had any work done - until her birthday this year when Bunnie bought her botox. What a present, and there’s no turning back now!

● Bunnie has never been a hairy b*tch, but when she does need to tend to the bikini line, she swears by shaving with baby oil. Just be careful not to slip and slide around in the tub.



● “It’s so hard to find f**king real bitches.”

● “A lot of people get Instagram get mixed up with real life.”

● “Finessing men, is a real art. Use it to better yourself, not to buy Chanel.”

● “I need professional porn, I need my bitches to be top notch.”

● “I love buttholes, but I love a good set of knockers too.”



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