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episode 14: Mistress Neena: BDSM, Kink, and a Bath of Buttery Noodles

Mistress Neena De Ville returns to the show to talk about her work in BDSM, where she creates experiences that give people the thrill of a lifetime beyond their wildest dreams. She and Bunnie talk about everything from lube to puppy play, their personal kinks, and what really happens at a Dom/sub dungeon party. Neena also talks about her recent move to Miami and how her world is a no shame space. 

  • "His face is my throne now." - Neena 
  • "Trust the gut. Always." - Neena 
  • "I think I would make someone slither. Slither worm." - Bunnie

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Mistress Neena: Web | IG 

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 2021-08-18  44m