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episode 17: Meme and Hailee: Oiling Bunnie and What She's Really Like Behind The Scenes

It's pure Taurus power this week as Manager / Hair Stylist Meme and Make Up Guru Hailee do a full episode on all things behind the scenes with Bunnie. They talk about how they became part of the dream team and what it is like to collaborate with Bunnie - revealing some things you probably wouldn't have guessed. They also share a few of Bunnie's signature beauty products and answer some of your questions, even the weird ones. 

"I have this thing where I can't put mayonnaise on my skin."  "If you want to work well with someone, get a Taurus." 

Bunnie: www.dumbblondeunrated.com

Meme - @Shearly.Sinful  | Level 13 Hair Studio 

Hailee - @makeupbyhailee 


 2021-09-15  45m