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episode 1: Richelle Ryan Is the Puma Of Porn

We are back with a bang! Welcome to Season 4. Bunnie pulls out the big guns for the first episode with Richelle Ryan, adult actress, Only Fans star, and quite possibly Bunnie's favorite booty on Twitter. Richelle talks about how she moved to LA and started dancing as a young girl and her infatuation with the adult industry. She gets real about liking younger men, some of her own personal favorite scenes, and Tinder. Richelle and Bunnie also talk about aging like a fine wine and spill some porn insider secrets. 

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Richelle Ryan: Only Fans | Twitter 

"No one teaches you how to f*ck on camera. They are like here you go, put your butthole on camera." - Bunnie   "I'm cold sober for everything. And I'm still a blast." - Richelle    "I feel like the longer I'm in porn, the more I want to be in a monogamous relationship." - Richelle   



 2022-01-22  48m