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episode 18: S02E18: Lady Mekaella - Proving that smart, determined women can change anything... even repressive standards of beauty.

If you're a fan (even a casual one) of Lady Mekaella, you've seen a lot more of her than you have most of our other guests.  Her talents are varied, to say the least, including costume design, stilt walking, fire eating, dance, singing, and so so much more.  There is no way to see the vibrant and imaginative costumes she creates and not be clear of how exceptionally gifted she is as a seamstress.  Lady Mekaella uses all of these formidable talents in her nerdlesque shows, and self-describes as a stripper.  Brassy and unapologetic she embraces her profession and seems to revel in the art, power play, and (at least a little) the inevitable pearl-clutching that job elicits from some.

Lady Mekaella is stunning.  Her photos appearing in your Instagram, FB, or any other feed will stop you in your tracks every time just from the sheer beauty of the images.  That's not accidental.  She works hard to get the pictures perfect, the costumes vibrant, the lighting exact, and then to add just enough personality and zazz to bring it all together.  She does all of that, very successfully, in a body that is not what mainstream media tells us is ideal.  She does it in a real body with curves, and wiggles, and she makes it look incredible.

Here's how she describes herself:

“The Fangirl with Fangirls” & five-time award winner also known as " Ocala's Grande Duchess of Burlesque" as dubbed by a local theatre director, Lady Mekaella has made a name for herself in comedic storytelling acts. whether in Classical or Nerdlesque (Cosplay Burlesque) she creates a theatrical experience in each of her performances. Available for highly trained & fully insured dangerous acts with fire, stilts, & even Human Blockhead & Bed of Nails as well as a sassy Mistress of Ceremonies, Lady Mekaella is sure to please your audiences. After over 15 years of experience in traditional Theatre, 4 years of college arts studies, Lady Mekaella now only focuses on nightlife entertainment in her vaudeville & geek niches, whether stage productions or atmosphere bookings. She is also the producer for Ocala, Florida's Longest running, full length, body positive, Burlesque show that made national headlines; The Marion at Midnight Series, a regular spectacle that sold out an over 300+ seated historical theatre, as well as other more intimate productions. She travels as far south as Miami, FL & as far north as New Orleans, but contracts with travel are negotiable! She has worked with over 5 troupes in Florida & Louisiana & teaches workshops on a range of subjects from Body-Positivity/self-love as a performer to the business savvy of being a producer & self-marketing on a performer’s realistic budget. She is also the founder of the charitable organization United Universes, a Cosplay for A Cause Project where cosplayers give back to the community from fundraisers to hospital visits. When not onstage She is a costumer and contributing SFX artist for Mertailor Studios.

To learn and see more find her any of these places:

Website: www.ladymekaellademure.com

TikTok: @LadyMekalla

Instagram: @LadyMekaella

Facebook: Mekaella Demure

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 2022-05-09  1h4m