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episode 7: Reading and making comics with Matt Garvey

In this episode, we hear from comic book writer and YouTuber, Matt Garvey

We learn from Matt how he came to start writing comics, he shares some of his processes and we have a peek at some of the insights he's gained over the years. Matt has produced a large amount of content over the years spanning multiple genres, we learn how he manages to produce so many high-quality products.
He also tells us about his youtube channel, Making Comics with Matt Garvey, why it got started and what his hopes are. 
How did he come to share with the world the benefits of his experience and help people not make the mistakes he did along the way.
We of course also look at his own geek origin stories, where did it all begin with him? How did his tastes change over the years and how they may have influenced his work now.
In a surprising twist, we also talk about the beach.

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 2022-05-09  1h21m