StoryBoard 30

Exploring Our Stories. StoryBoard Memphis is a nonprofit multimedia resource for news and feature-length stories on local arts, culture, history, and community. This podcast is a longer cut of the half-hour radio show that airs on Memphis's FM 89.3 WYPL each Sunday evening at 5:30 PM. Taken right out of the pages of StoryBoard Memphis, this show asks Memphians to talk about their passions, their initiatives, or to just talk about what makes Memphis, Memphis.


episode 10: SB 30 Episode 10: From Hate to Compassion - TM Garret of the Simon Wiesenthal Center

TM Garret - promoter, speaker, activist - speaks about compassion wherever he goes. He should know, because as a former Neo-Nazi it was a compassionate encounter with a man of a different faith and color than he who years ago helped Mr. Garret out of a life of fear and hate. Join us for our first full-length podcast, thanks to the folks at WYPL, for an intimate conversation and this remarkable, inspiring turnaround.


 2019-05-09  43m