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We scour piles of old 45s for the very best in all Rock'n'roll and soul genres to feature snippets in our online jukebox. This podcast gets the jukebox to you in a great new way.


Mind Over Matter (I'm Gonna Make You Mine) by Nolan Strong and the Diablos

Label: Fortune 546
Year: 1962
Condition: M-
Last Price: $48.00. Not currently available for sale.

This is one of those amazing recordings that shows a group halfway between doo-wop and soul. Essential music! As Dave Marsh notes in his writeup on the song, the song is important because it provides a clear prophecy of "Keith Richards' guitar style, circa December's Children." Once you listen to the snippet a few times, you gotta admit it's kind of spooky! Note that the label only credits Nolan Strong. Note: This beautiful copy on the pink Fortune label has Near Mint labels and audio. The vinyl grades a strong EX to reflect some wear along the outside edge of the music.


 2016-07-30  0m