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The Maverick Teams is a boutique consulting firm founded by Maverick Levy. This podcast will focus on all the ventures that Maverick Levy and the team are associated with. This show will be full of education, inspiration, and entertainment as Maverick brings on guests to chat with. This is The Best of The Best Podcast: Presented By The Maverick Teams!


episode 11: SEASON 2, EP 11 - Billy Pavlock (Founder & CEO of Nautical Network & Boats Gone Wild)

This is Episode 63 of The Best of The Best: Maverick's Guide To Success with Maverick Levy! It's an honor to have Billy Pavlock (Founder of Nautical Network & Boats Gone Wild) on to discuss: How he started with boats on social media & being a yacht broker, naysayers, the building of a fanbase & advice about being connected on social media, Nautical Network & content creation, having international goals, micro-failures, the boating lifestyle & surfacing opportunities, building a team & culture, leading by example, his favorite part about boating, networking, turning around & re-purposing content, what he wishes he knew in his 20's & more. This episode is not to be missed!


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 2022-05-11  50m