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Pros and Conversations explores what it takes to be successful, whether you’re from the world of business, science or the arts. But more than a series of inspiring conversations, guests share real-world tips and insights, providing listeners with the tools they need to achieve their entrepreneurial goals. Host Peter Reynolds and co-host Damon Adachi, pull back the curtain to discover the story behind the success, the person behind the professional. The answers are often surprising and always entertaining.


episode 3: Episode 3: Understanding Automation & Security for Small Business.

When starting a small business, technology is more than just deciding what laptops you’re going to buy. Technology impacts every aspect of your business, for productivity and accounting software, to marketing, automation and cyber-security. Host Peter Reynolds and Damon Adachi speak with Shawn Huelin, CEO of Discovernet, one of the 50 best managed IT companies in Canada, about this complex topic and offer some insights of where business owners should focus their attention and budget. 


 2022-05-11  35m