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episode 75: Scoop Queen Ashley Carman joins us. Apple announces Podcasts Delegated Delivery. No Anchor or Megaphone. Are you team Spotify or team Apple? RØDECaster Pro II leaked. Curiocaster and Podverse support <podcast:liveItem> tag. [transcript]


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Special Guest

  • Ashley Carman  - Bloomberg

Show Notes & Links

  • James Cridland Radio Days Europe - Roundup

  • Selling paid subscriptions through Apple Podcasts? Until now, you’ve had to upload that audio separately to Apple; but Apple Podcasts Delegated Delivery was announced yesterday, allowing creators to upload and manage that audio through selected podcast hosting companies when this feature launches in Q3.

    • A number of initial podcast hosting companies have been announced including RSS·com, Libsyn and Buzzsprout; but if you run a podcast hosting company and wish to participate in Delegated Delivery, you’re encouraged to fill out this form.  (Memo to Apple: here’s a list).

    • "Interesting that both of Spotify's hosting platforms, megaphone and anchor, arent participating at launch."- Ashley C

    • "Spotify works with third parties to support its subscription offering, too. the only overlap is acast, at least according to the initial partner list. curious if this means there's now additional stratification in podcast world: team Spotify or team Apple "- Ashley C
  • iOS 15.5, iPadOS 15.5, and macOS 12.4 were made available yesterday. This brings annual paid subscriptions within the Apple Podcasts app. We told you last month; you can add an annual plan now.

  • With the new iOS, the Apple Podcasts app has had a welcome tweak for automatic download settings, with per-show customisation. You’ll find the new settings in your Settings app on iPhone and iPad. The app will now also recommend removing old downloads when necessary.

  • And one more thing - Finally: the next version of macOS adds an auto-delete function to Apple Podcasts.

  • RØDE is to release the RØDECaster Pro II, an updated mixer

  • Podcasting 2.0 apps that support the new <podcast:liveItem> tag, include Curiocaster: and Podverse. 


 2022-05-21  56m