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episode 8: Storytelling and Niches with Alek Shrader

In this episode, we hear from operatic tenor, director, writer and comic book creator Alek Shrader.

Alek starts by sharing with us how he came to be an operatic tenor and what the world of opera means to him. He shares his family history with the opera, growing up in an area where it was undoubtedly less than typical.
We also explore the power of opera, and why it's so underrated and hidden in an unfair stereotype.
As we explore his niche interests we head towards the world of comic books; from his own comic book origins to how he found himself at the helm of a project depicting Carmen as a graphic novel, which has smashed its Kickstarter target.

Storytelling takes all forms and niche culture has been trying to work its way into the mainstream for decades. We look at the things that unite various forms of culture and storytelling, exploring what can be learned from each other as everyone tries to break through a world of stereotypes.

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 2022-05-23  1h9m