Embracing the colours of culture! Sesta is a culture podcast produced and presented by Meltem Burak, a Düsseldorf-based content creator and critic of Cypriot origin. Meltem reviews artistic productions from Cyprus, and hosts intellectuals who contribute to the establishment of a culture of peace in the island. Sometimes, the podcast also welcomes artists and intellectuals from continental Europe. Sesta is overall a platform where the transformative power of arts and culture in peacebuilding is discussed with an open and bottom-up approach.


Sesta – Episode 5: On The Crescent Moon Fox with Metin Murat (24/5/2022)

Sesta-embracing the colours of culture! In this fifth episode of Sesta, Meltem Burak talks to Dr Metin Murat who is the author of the recently published novel The Crescent Moon Fox. Throughout the podcast, Metin elaborates on his compassionate, heart-breaking, brutal and humorous debut novel which is a gesture towards peace, and towards the Turkish-speaking community of […]

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 May 24, 2022  20m