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episode 819: Become One With the Upset - Craig's Whiteboard, EA Gaming, FCPX

Craig's Whiteboard, EA Gaming, FCPX

  • Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off June 6 with keynote address
  •  Craig's whiteboard leaks WWDC22.
  •  Brian Roberts' one that got away.
  •  Apple in talks to buy EA gaming. Disney and Amazon are also potential suitors.
  •  Losing Ian Goodfellow to DeepMind is the dumbest thing Apple's ever done.
  •  Apple response to "Final Cut Pro in TV and Film" open letter.
  •  TIME 100 most influential people of 2022 features Tim Cook – Laurene Powell Jobs wrote his entry.
  •  Apple unveils new Apple Watch Pride Edition bands.
  •  Apple TV+ now streaming Prehistoric Planet.
  •  Apple expands Today at Apple Creative Studios, providing new opportunities to young creatives.
  •  FCC filings reveal Apple's mysterious 'Network Adapter' that runs iOS.
  •  Apple looks to boost production outside China.
  •  Guest drops Apple Watch on EPCOT ride & jumps out to get It, then has $40,000 in fraudulent credit card Charges.

Picks of the Week

  •  Rene's Pick: Apollo 1.3
  •  Andy's Pick: Amplosion
  • Alex's Pick: Audio Design Desk

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 2022-05-24  1h55m