Pros & Conversations

Pros and Conversations explores what it takes to be successful, whether you’re from the world of business, science or the arts. But more than a series of inspiring conversations, guests share real-world tips and insights, providing listeners with the tools they need to achieve their entrepreneurial goals. Host Peter Reynolds and co-host Damon Adachi, pull back the curtain to discover the story behind the success, the person behind the professional. The answers are often surprising and always entertaining.


episode 4: Episode 4: The Motherhood Penalty: Challenges Facing Mother’s with Demanding Careers

Host Peter G. Reynolds and Damon Adachi speak with Kinia Romanowska, CEO and Founder of Pros & Babes and the MoMBA, about the challenges faced by mothers with demanding careers and how they can turn the “motherhood penalty” into their greatest strength. 


 2022-05-26  34m