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RA029: Leibnizian Cosmological Arguments with Josh Rasmussen

In this video, we sit down with leading analytic philosopher of religion Prof. Josh Rasmussen to discuss Leibnizian cosmological arguments. We also bring on a special guest, Logos, to facilitate a dialogue with Prof. Rasmussen as we all journey together to explore the very cutting edge of this important debate. This dialogue pushes the dialectic forward in ways that can benefit both theists and atheists.

You can follow Prof. Josh Rasmussen's work at:

Be sure to check out Prof. Rasmussen's magisterial work Necessary Existence:

You can find Logos's work on his blog, which provides some context for the discussion. See his posts on Leibnizian cosmological arguments below.

Part I:

Part II:


 2022-05-29  1h39m