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episode 9: Silvia Nakkach: Cosmic Listening and the Sound of Integration

This episode features Silvia Nakkach, a Grammy® nominated musician and cross-cultural explorer of musical worlds. Silvia will enchant you as she shares her journey searching for the cosmic source of sound from her home in Brazil, to the Bay area where she learned North Indian Raga music under maestro Ali Akbar Khan for more than 30 years, as well as experimental and electronic music while at Mills College with Pauline Oliveros and Anthony Braxton. We will discuss the integrative power of the mystical sound-syllable AUM, and how she has cultivated the Yoga of Sound, Nada Yoga, and Dhrupad Chant as a form of deep listening and enhancing the sensibility of the subtle through sound. For many years teachings at CIIS, Silvia founded the Sound, Voice, Music in the Healing Arts, a certificate program that she is currently facilitating through the New York Open Center. She is an academic program consultant and the founder and artistic director of the International Vox Mundi School of the Sound and the Voice with centers and training programs across the world. In this conversation, recorded on April 5 of 2020, she shares ideas about how she has been developing an original integral framework through the practice of ancient and modern voice cultures and quantum listening.

Silvia Nakkach, MA, MMT, is a Grammy® nominated composer and a pioneer in the field of sound and consciousness transformation. A sought-after educator, vocal artist, author and a former music psychotherapist, Silvia has served on the faculty of the California Institute of Integral Studies where she created the premier certificate program on Sound, Voice and Music in the Healing Arts offered by a major academic institution. She is also the founding director of the International Vox Mundi School of the Voice. For more than 30 years, Silvia studied North Indian classical music under the direction of the late Maestro Ali Akbar Khan and various masters of the Art of Dhrupad singing. She is the author of Free Your Voice (Sounds True). Silvia has released 15 CDs and her music draws upon elements from contemporary avant-garde to ancient Indian ragas. She travels extensively and resides in the San Francisco Bay area. As program facilitator of the Sound and Music Institute Silvia works closely with the students throughout the course of the program.

This podcast features 2 pieces form Silvia's albums:

• Interlude: Bliss, from album Invocation

• End music: Liminal Beauty, from album Liminality

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Hosted by Stephen Julich (EWP adjunct faculty, program manager) and Jonathan Kay (PhD student, EWP assistant)

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 2022-05-30  1h26m