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episode 21: S02E21: Patrick Falgoust - What the hell is a Product Manager anyway?

With the major investments in startups over the last couple of years a few roles have seen a huge increase in demand.  Many of those are in the "Product" area, so titles like Product Manager (PM), Product Marketing Manager (PMM), and their ilk have become hot hot hot in the market.  For many looking to grow their careers, or change into these paths there is a lot of confusion about what's what, and who's who.  What's the difference between a Project Manger, Product Manger, Program Manager, and Architect?  Honestly, the Venn Diagram for all of those has a lot of overlap, but there are some important distinctions.  Patrick Falgoust is an expert on all of the above. Not only is he a Senior Product Manager, but he either currently or historically has hired all of the above.  

In this week's episode Patrick talks through the realities of what are these roles, and how do you get one.  He has some surprising advise for job seekers included!

If you want to learn more about Patrick you can find him here:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/patrickfalgoust/

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 2022-05-31  57m